Ceilings for your home

Quality- it is the very first thing that you should consider when buying anything. It goes the same way with ceilings. If you want a modern maintenance free ceiling, why settle with a plain ceiling that could easily deteriorate over time? Keep in mind that you spend money on treatments for mould, damp and repainting , so you should only get what you truly deserve. We provide a quality, maintenance free ceiling, giving you a touch of individual class.

Stretch ceilings adds to your creative resources and lets you invite imagination into each and every design. This unique and innovative ceiling system is suitable for use in any area of a home.

Stretch ceilings will adapt to any requirements and can be installed to within approx 1 inch of an existing ceiling, making it ideal for both original contemporary creations and tasteful renovations. Our ceilings enables you to meet the high standards expected in modern-day interior applications as it is available in over 250 Colors and Finishes providing you with an unlimited and endless possibility to create a distinct and unique flawless finish within your home.

Stretch ceilings are also able to achieve a similar appearance as conventional ceilings within the home while providing many additional benefits such as approximately 81% light reflection and improved acoustics. The product is extremely quick to install since it is cut and customized before it gets to your home and being a finished product which will require no further decoration.

Any type of light fitting or aperture can be accommodated within the Stretch Ceiling material, such as speakers, grilles, extractor fans and sensors. The material is also resistant to moisture making it ideal for bathroom areas, kitchens, steam rooms and swimming pools, while also being water impermeable and will therefore act as a containment membrane in the event of a water leak.